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At Maywood Dental Care, we’re happy to help patients in the Huntington Park area look and feel their best. We provide a wide range of services that ensure you can obtain the proper treatment at the proper time. Contact us online or call 323-560-3131 for further assistance or to schedule an appointment.

Dr Terry Ahn

Dr. Terry Ahn is a graduate of New York University and currently a professor at The University of Southern California at Los Angeles. After a traditional residency in New York State and an oral surgery residency with the Veterans Administration, Dr. Terry Ahn relocated to California to open his general practice. With services available in Maywood, our Huntington Park office reaches more patients in the region.

Our Services

General Dentistry services include routine exams, cleanings, and follow up. You can work with Dr. Ahn during your appointment when you require further treatment, and you can also schedule treatment for yourself, your spouse, or your children. It is important to remember that all your dental care starts with the routine care provided by Dr. Ahn at your semi-annual appointments.

Family Dentistry allows you to bring your kids to the Maywood Dental Care in Huntington Park, bringing them in for the services that help them stay healthy. Dr. Ahn is happy to help children learn how to care for their teeth, and he offers gentle services so that children are not scared of the dentist.

Orthodontics can help both kids and adults straighten their teeth. It is important that orthodontics appliances be used under the supervision of a licensed dentist. Dr. Ahn can recommend the appropriate treatment for you or your child, and he can monitor your treatment so that you get the best results

Teeth Whitening can follow orthodontic care, or you can request teeth whitening when you simply do not enjoy your smile. You never want to hide your smile when you’re happy, and removing coffee or tea stains, smoking stains, or marks indicating wear and tear is a wonderful service for all patients.

Dental Implants replace your missing teeth and dentures. Implants and root canals go hand-in-hand. At Maywood Dental Care in Huntington Park, our dentist is an Implant surgeon with extensive training and experience. If Dr Ahn orders dental implants to replace missing or damaged teeth, he can perform your root canal, monitor your healing, and install your implants. Going to just one office for your dental care cuts back on the hassle of maintaining your smile, and the consistency you get from Dr Ahn helps you feel comfortable during such an invasive procedure.

Dental Crowns are an important part of your dental care when you have damaged, chipped, or cracked teeth. This is a simple service that ensures you look your best without using more invasive treatments. Dr. Ahn can schedule your treatment during a routine visit, or you can visit for a new crown when you experience an injury or emergency.

Dental Fillings are important because they prevent cavities from expanding. Dr Ahn can pinpoint where cavities have grown, fill the area properly, and match the filling color to your teeth. If children need fillings, Dr Ahn offers a gentle procedure that helps kids keep their teeth healthy as they grow.

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